Eetti Helsinki: Fair tourism – many questions and some possible answers

maaliskuun 28. klo 18:30

When: Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 18:30
Where: Oma maa cooperative (Kaarlenkatu 15, 00530 Helsinki)
How can I join: email Kinga (kinga.polynczuk (at) by 26 March 

A globalising world opens up the possibilities for mobility. With fast and affordable means of transport, you don’t need to be a bold trailblazer to travel to the ‘exotic’, faraway lands. However, do we ever pause in our exploration of the world to think about what influence our mobility has on those fixed in place? What does our travelling do to the local natural environment and to the indigenous and underprivileged communities whose land we visit? To engage with these questions, Eetti Helsinki invites you to a discussion where we will try to reflect on the possibility of fair and responsible tourism!

Firstly, Katri Tihilä from the Finnish Association for Fair Tourism will give us an introduction to the issues underlying fair tourism. As she says, there are already many ethical questions linked to tourism, but no certain right answers yet. Thus, secondly, we will address some of the issues and try to come up with tentative answers. 

As we should provide the venue with an estimated number of participants, we’d ask you to let us know that you are coming by sending an email to kinga.polynczuk (at) by Sunday, 26 March. You can find the Facebook event here.

Hope to see you there!

Kinga, Heli and Anna

Eetti Helsinki is a local volunteer group of Pro Ethical Trade Finland. We passionately discuss about and campaign for fair global trade, sustainable production and responsible consumption. All Eetti Helsinki events are in English (however, don't let the language be a barrier!).


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