Eetti Action Night: Malaysia, Helsinki

lokakuun 19. klo 18:00

Place: Antikvariaatti Sofia, Vuorikatu 5, 00100 Helsinki
Time: Wednesday 19th October, 6pm - 8pm


Welcome words, Maija Lumme

Video: The Iban Weavers of Rumah Gare (9 min)

Social and Solidarity Economy as Development Approach – Case Rumah Gare, Dr. Welyne Jeffrey Jehom (10 min)

Introduction: Sustainable Economic Development (Agenda2030) -  Dr. Jun-E Tan (10 min)

Finland-Malaysia Association: Activities in Finland

Discussion and Malaysian food

Action for Eetti volunteers: Tweets and Instagram pictures, drafting a blog post (in Finnish), video reportage from the evening. Interested in joining the Eetti Media Crew? Contact Noora Laaksonen:

Welcome! Selamat datang!

Further information and enrollments by October the 17th (you are also welcome without the enrollment):

Advocacy Coordinator
Maija Lumme
044 0250 412