Eetti Helsinki: International Trade Game

lokakuun 5. klo 18:00

On Monday 5.10.2015 at 18:00 Think Company (Vuorikatu 5, 00180 HKI) will get transformed into a free market play arena. Join the event by sending an enrolment to sannakaisa.saloranta(at) More information in english below.

Maanantaina 5.10.2015 klo 18:00 Eetti Helsinki muuttaa Think Companyn (Vuorikatu 5, 00180 HKI) maailmankaupan peliareenaksi. Tule mukaan oppimaan maailmankaupan lainalaisuuksista lähettämällä ilmoittautumisesti osoitteeseen sannakaisa.saloranta(at) Simulaatio ohjeistetaan sekä suomeksi että englanniksi. Eri kielet tuovat peliin uusia haasteita, jotka kuuluvat myös kansainvälisen kaupan arkipäivään – älä siis jätä tulematta vaikka et olisi luottavainen englannin kielen suhteen!

What International Trade Game?

International trade and international relations are often complex and hard to understand. That’s why Eetti Helsinki offers you a grass root viewpoint over the complexity by free market simulation. This educational game has been developed by Third World development charity Action Aid and it has always interesting and often surprising outcomes. It doesn't need a lot from the organisers either, meaning that by playing it once, you can organise it yourself to the others (and we encourage you to do so.)

This game has got always good feedback from its players. It’s also guaranteed that you will return to this experience many times afterwards. There is absolutely no requirements for any knowledge of economics or business before the simulation. The language of the game is mainly English, but as the real free markets are international, dealing with different languages is also an important aspect of the game.

Hope to see many of you there!

Eetti Helsinki's coordinator


Eetti Helsinki is a local volunteer group of Pro Ethical Trade Finland (Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry) in Helsinki. We are passionate to discuss, learn and campaign for fair global trade, sustainable production and responsible consuming. If you want to learn more about our topics and meet people with common interests then this is your place to be. All Eetti Helsinki events and discussions will be mainly in English (don't let the language be a barrier) in the beginning of the month.


Everyone is warmly welcome! Eetti Helsinki has group in Facebook called "Eetti Helsinki". Join us in Facebook or follow the Helsinki mailing list to get the latest information of the group. For further information contact Eetti Helsinki's coordinator, Sanna-Kaisa Saloranta (Sannis): sannakaisa.saloranta (at)