Eetti Helsinki: Shoes & solidarity economy

syyskuun 1. klo 18:00

Eetti Helsinki starts to meet again on 1.9.

Come and meet us on 1.9.2015 at 18:00 when our first discussion takes place in Eettis office (Töölöntorinkatu 2B 4. krs, 00260 HKI). We will have some tea, snacks and talk about The Global Shoe Production (Anna Härri) and Solidarity Economy (Maija Lumme).

We will also prepare volunteers for The Shoe Campaign, that will be on Sat 5.9. in Narinkkatori at 12-14 and for a Movie Night (The True Cost) that same evening at 18 (location TBC). The Campaign is still looking for second hand shoes that are in good condition. Please bring if you have some spare ones on 1.9. to Eettis Office or else contact Anna Härri (anna.harri(at)

It's our first meeting after summer, so this is a great chance also for new volunteers to join. Welcome old and new!

Eetti Helsinki is a local group working under Pro Ethical Trade Finland (Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry). We are passionate to discuss, learn and campaign for fair global trade, sustainable production and responsible consuming. If you want to learn more about our topics and meet people with common interests then this is your place to be. All Eetti Helsinki events and discussions will be in English and Finnish every first Tuesday of the month. Welcome!

Everyone is warmly welcome! Eetti Helsinki has a group in Facebook called "Eetti Helsinki". Join us in Facebook or follow the Helsinki mailing list to get the latest information of the group. For further information contact the group coordinator Sanna-Kaisa Saloranta (sannakaisa.saloranta(at)

Eetti Helsinki's coordinator
Sanna-Kaisa Saloranta (Sannis)