Fairtrade Coffee Club goes to UFF's sorting center

toukokuun 22. klo 15:00

The Fairtrade Coffee Club will travel to UFF's sorting centre on
Thursday 22nd May. UFF sells used clothes and handles a massive amount of clothes in
Nurmijärvi and sells them to wholesale customers outside Finland too.
UFF's Minja Huopalainen will kindly show us around.

We'll meet at Kamppi bus station in front of the platform 13 at 15.00.
Our bus no 487 leaves at 15.10 to Karkkila, Nurmijärvi. The trip costs
6,80 euros to one direction. We'll have 1,5 hours at UFF's and we'll
start the return trip around 17.45.

All questions are welcome to Minja, as always. We'll see what people in
Finland send to reuse, what kind of clothing will end up to UFF and what
UFF does with them. Hope to see you!

"An increasing amount of clothes are recycled - over 8.5 million kilos
in 2011 -- and the volume would exceed the capacity of the sorting
centre and retail needs if a part of the donated clothes were not sold
through wholesale."

-Outi Tel. 041-523 1241

* * * The Fairtrade Coffee Club is meant for anyone who would like to
meet people in informal surroundings and talk about fair/ethical trade,
sustainable business, socially responsible public procurement etc.
Usually we meet for discussions and coffee/tea, but at times, we try
other things, like excursions! Welcome