Fairtrade Coffee Club in Helsinki

huhtikuun 29. klo 17:00
The Fairtrade Coffee Club will meet again on Tuesday 29.4. in Johto Cafe at 17:00, Kamppi (Kamppi shopping centre, 5th floor).

The topic will be ethical consuming. We have invited Panu Pitkänen from MoralGuard, a new start-up company, to present their future idea of ethical consuming to us. MoralGuard is currently developing a mobile application, that helps consumers to spend their money according to their personal values. Could an app change your consuming behaviour? Does it make a difference to buy or boycott, if no-one gets to know why?  

Got interested? Come to talk about the difficulties and possibilities of ethical consuming with us on Tuesday 29.4 at 17:00.

If you have any questions about this meeting, contact me (Sanna-Kaisa Saloranta) via email or phone:
044 5554121 or sannakaisa.saloranta(ät)gmail.com

Hopefully we see many of you there,

* * * The FT Coffee Club is meant for anyone who would like to meet people in informal surroundings and talk about fair/ethical trade, sustainable business, socially responsible public procurement etc. Usually we meet for discussions and coffee/tea, but at times, we try other things, like excursions! Welcome!