Fairtrade Coffee Club in Helsinki

joulukuun 4. klo 18:00

The Fairtrade Coffee Club will meet again on Wednesday December 4th.

As it will be already pre-Christmas period we will have a relaxed meeting with some glögi and a movie in Eetti’s premises (Töölöntorinkatu 2 B, 4 krs., Helsinki).

The movie we will watch is called “Working man’s death”. It contains several episodes about the conditions of workers in different parts of the world.


We will start at 18:00 and can just quickly vote which episodes seem most interesting to be watched.

If you know already beforehand that you will come then please let me know. This will help us to provide enough glögi and snacks. However, it is of course no problem to just come spontaneously without any announcement.

In case the door is closed please call Outi: 041-523 1241

Hope to see many of you,



* * * The FT Coffee Club is meant for anyone who would like to meet
people in informal surroundings and talk about fair/ethical trade,
sustainable business, socially responsible public procurement etc.
Usually we meet for discussions and coffee/tea, but at times, we try
other things, like excursions!