Fairtrade Coffee Club excursion

syyskuun 23. klo 17:00

The Helsinki group's Fairtrade Coffee Club is going on an excursion to the recycling centre of the Työ & Toiminta Association in Herttoniemi next Monday, Sept 23rd at 5 pm! The address is Asentajankatu 1, Helsinki.

For more information about Työ & Toiminta: http://www.kierratys.net/in-english/

This visit relates to a very interesting topic that the Coffee Club has discussed before, namely the ethics of consumer electronics, but now from a more concrete angle. We can also ask T&T about their work as a social enterprise, as they strive to employ long-term unemployed people and give them training etc.
To reach the T&T building by 5 pm, we should try to aim for the bus no 79 which leaves Herttoniemi Metro station at 4:42 pm. If you are coming by public transport, meet us at the 79 bus stop at around 4:35-4:40. (The connecting metro train from the centre leaves the Railway Station at 4:25)

We will be treated to a tour (in Finnish and English) and some hot drinks, so please don't forget to let us know if you want to join, so we can inform the contact person at T&T of the number of people coming.

To sign up for the excursion, contact Hazel: hazel(at)iki.fi, 040 5023052. (And take the phone number with just in case you can't find us at the metro station or at the T&T building...)

* * * The FT Coffee Club is meant for anyone who would like to meet
people in informal surroundings and talk about fair/ethical trade,
sustainable business, socially responsible public procurement etc.
Usually we meet for discussions and coffee/tea, but at times, we try
other things, like excursions! Welcome!