The Fairtrade Coffee Club meets again!

lokakuun 22. klo 20:30

Hi everyone!

The Helsinki group's Fairtrade Coffee Club meets again! We are getting together on Monday 22nd Oct at 17.30 o'clock in Cafe Bar 9, Uudenmaankatu 9.

This time we'll discuss the every day life of Fairtrade banana growers in Ecuador. Pamela Arslan will tell us how it was to live there some months. We can discuss for example how Fairtrade works for small banana farmers.

Hope to seeing you!


p. 041-523 1241

Recommended reading:
On FLO's site there's some short background information on banana trade
"Just five corporations control around 80% of the sales on the banana import market worldwide."

Pamela's blog in Finnish on Eetti's website

On Wikipedia is collected Fairtrade critisism

P.S. Here you can ask Fairtrade bananas back to Siwa, Valintatalo and Euromarket.

* * * The Fairtrade Coffee Club is meant for anyone who would like to meet people in informal surroundings and talk about fair/ethical trade, sustainable business, socially responsible public procurement etc. If you want, you can bring something to read and we'll discuss it together. Welcome!