Fairtrade Coffee Club meets again!

syyskuun 13. klo 22:15

The Helsinki group's Fairtrade Coffee Club meets again! We are getting together on Thursday 13th Sept at 19.15 o'clock at the Eetti office, in Töölöntorinkatu 2 B, 4th floor. There is a buzzer named "YK-liitto" downstairs.

This time, we'll taste some Fairtrade chocolate (yum!) and talk about the ethics of chocolate.

As you know, there is a lot of child labour and bondage labour used in cocoa fields. But at least there is Fairtrade system (and other systems, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance).

The biggest Finnish candy companies Fazer, Panda and Brunberg don't sell any Fairtrade chocolate in spite of some campaigning. Do we have to buy chocolate from the international brands, or from eco-stores, if we want to be more ethical? How to enjoy chocolate with better conscience?

It would be good if everyone reads something about the topic beforehand. Some examples below.

In the beginning of the discussion we'll update us shortly to the Helsinki Fairtrade Town campaign, because the city is going to decide soon whether to apply a name of a Fairtrade Town. More about Fairtrade Towns here:http://www.fairtradetowns.org/.

Hope to see you and waiting for some interesting discussions!
tel. 041-523 1241

Recommended reading:

On the pages of Fairtrade International there is information about Fairtrade and the problems of cocoa farming and trade, for example this: "In the Ivory Coast and Ghana, 90% of the farmers rely on cocoa for their primary income." http://www.fairtrade.net/cocoa.html

"Cadbury Dairy Milk goes Fairtrade
The UK's best-selling chocolate bar is set to become  Fairtrade certified, increasing the amount of Fairtrade cocoa sourced from West Africa." Written in 2009.

Kuluttaja-lehti (in Finnish) is ranking the biggest chocolate brands. Panda doesn't know where it's cacao is been grown.

Finnwatch's blog entry in Finnish. Good information about Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance. Fazer has criticied Fairtrade and here are some arguments pro Fairtrade. Fazer says it's cacao will be resposible in 2017 and the company has said this already in 2010. How long can it take?, the writer asks.

* * *
The Fairtrade Coffee Club is meant for anyone who would like to meet
people in informal surroundings and talk about fair/ethical trade,
sustainable business, socially responsible public procurement etc. If
you want, you can bring something to read and we'll discuss it
together. Welcome!